Missionaries of the Precious Blood evangelize through the apostolic and missionary ministry of the word. The Precious Blood missionary hears the cry of the Blood. Our mission calls us:

  • to be evangelized by the revealed Word of God in Jesus Christ and by the living Word of God
    present in the people and in the values of the culture to whom we are sent
  • to evangelize
  • in the ministry of the Word
  • in witnessing by life-style
  • in promoting peace, justice, and reconcilation
  • in human promotion
  • in defending human rights and dignity
  • to read the signs of the times and to hear the cry of the Blood
  • to defend life in a culture of death
  • to respect and promote the inculturation of the Church in every society
  • to collaborative ministry with all the faithful
  • to intercultural and international sensitivity
  • to educate ourselves in other cultures and languages
  • to allow God's Word to transform the patterns of human living
  • to an ecumenism disposed to dialogue (S13) and to collaboration with other religions
  • to stand in solidarity with those who suffer: the alienated, thepoor,the disempowered, victims of oppression, the marginalized
  • to work with perpetrators and victims to recover their full humanity
  • to be prophetic: to resist deceit, injustice, and whatever is contrary to God's reign
  • to mobility, flexibility, and availability to various situations and cultures

Over 40 years later the Province has grown to 25 members and our ministries are varied according to the needs of the area in which we serve. The Blood of Christ continues to bring life to the People of God, the Church, through the members of the CPPS.

Our members serve as pastors, associate pastors, religious educators and in a variety of other parish ministries. They serve in rural, urban, suburban and inner-city parishes, always seeking to announce the good news to God's people.

Our members serve as high school teachers and theological instructors.

Several of our members preach parish missions, retreats, and provide spiritual direction.

Members of the Atlantic Province serve in Mexico and Tanzania. Both missionaries from Canada and members of the community from those countries share in the mission of the community.

Some members serve as chaplains in hospitals, retirement centres and high school

Regardless of the type of ministry that a member offers the Church, it is common bond, the Bond of Charity, which brings the members of the Congregation together. Each offers his talents and abilities, in the service to the apostolate of bringing the 'life of blood' of Jesus to the needy world. The commitment that each member makes to the Society is shared with a like-minded group of individuals who share in a vision of life and hope. The members of the Congregation have pledged their lives in service to the mystery of the life giving force of the Blood of Christ.

'Charity does not lie down inactively, it is a flame that never lies still…' St. Gaspar, 1813